Need someone to help manage my MAKE scenario in case we have any issues

We are looking for support if and when there are any issues with our scenario. Our original developer is no longer available, but our form is still actively being used…

Hello @SCGB_Accounting and welcome!

Advice is always free in Questions & Answers if you’re willing to post details of the problem.

If you’re just looking for someone to take a look we’re here for that too!
Feel free to reach out should you run in to any issues.
My contact info is in my profile and I’m sure others will respond too :slight_smile:

Take care!

I am available to help you.

Hi there,
Questions & Answers category is great if you want quick help about; there are lots of qualified experts that can help you immediately.

You can also connect with us for real-time support on @GetAutomate (Telegram).

Hi, we offer monitoring and support packages if it’s of interest. Let me know! Thanks


Great. Please tell me more about how that would work…

Hey there, of course! Message incoming :smiley:

Hi @SCGB_Accounting - Not sure of the scale of the support you are looking for but we offer fractional automation services on a fixed monthly subscription basis.

We have much automation and integration experience in accounting firms and finance functions.

Happy to share more over DM if interested?