How Long does it take for reviewing and publishing a custom app

I developed a custom app that would be highly beneficial for cybersecurity analysts. I submitted a request to publish the app, but it has been pending approval for nearly a week with no updates.

Does anyone know how long the review process typically takes for a custom app?

Hi @usama,

Welcome to the Make community. It could take several weeks. Normally, you should receive a confirmation that your app was requested for publishing.*

If you have questions regarding the approval, it’s best to contact Make directly.


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Welcome to the Make community!

What do you mean by this? I hope this is a typo.

samliew – request private consultation

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Whoops, yes indeed lol. It was supposed to be publishing. Changed it!


Sometimes custom app development can be a punishing process. :joy: Especially when it comes time to maintaining it when the underlying API makes a breaking change.