We've submitted our app for Review 2 months ago and didn't get any reply, is this normal?

Hello all, I hope you’re having a nice Friday,

Not sure if we are doing something wrong, but for some reason we didn’t receive any reply when we submitted our app for review, even though it’s tested and working properly. It’s been 2 months now and still nothing from Make team, any recommendations?

Heya @Nuelink welcome to the Make Community :wave:

I wanted to apologize for the delay in the review process. I understand that it’s frustrating when things take longer than expected.

I checked our system, and it seems like you’ve received feedback for your app and are now in communication with the team. So, please bear with us a little longer. Sorry again for the extended wait, and thank you for your patience! :pray:

Thank you Michaela, I appreciate your prompt reply, the team got back to me 5 days ago with a few notes and we addressed them. Hopefully we will manage to launch our integration soon.

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Hello again @Nuelink :wave:

Thank you very much for stepping back in here and giving us an update on the situation :pray: Great to hear that you heard back from the team and that things are moving along :blush:

Hello Michaela, sorry for bothering again, our app is approved and was supposed to be launched last week, but it’s still didn’t. I tried to reach the team via email but no reply yet, can you please help.

Hi @Nuelink, apologies for the late response— I was off for a couple of days.

Anyway, I was informed that your app is now released so all should be up and running for you.

Feel free to check and let us know if all’s good on your end :slight_smile: