Do you still need help? | 2 apps approval pending

As a module creator, we get a message from as in the title of the topic, but we do not receive any message from with comments regarding the approval of modules submitted by us for approval.
What’s worse, communication in the other direction also doesn’t work, i.e. e-mails sent by us to are not received :frowning:

We’ve tried sending emails from other domains, but with no success
Has anyone had such a problem?
What should we do to unblock communication with

Hi @NETCAT and welcome to the community :wave:

Our team has sent you feedback, but unfortunately we haven’t heard from you for a month so the review was automatically cancelled. Before that you should have received an email reminder about this matter.

The process is described in details :arrow_right: Here.

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@vendy , thanks for the message, but the problem is that we send you messages, but you don’t receive them… We reported this problem through the support form, but no response from you. :frowning:

I am attaching a message sent today to this post.

@vendy, can I ask you to provide a link to this post to support (

Hi @NETCAT :wave:

We looked into our inbox and saw that we have received several emails from your address and encountered no issues. Here is a brief timeline of some emails we received from you:

11.7. 2:06 pm: you are reaching out to say you’re having trouble reaching us
12.7. 9:52 am: our support team responds to you that we asked you to fix the bugs on 8.6. but we received no response from you
12.7. 2:36 pm: you are asking whether we are receiving your emails

While we are receiving your emails, we didn’t receive the one you mentioned in the post. We are sorry about the trouble you’ve been experiencing, however the the issue is out of our hands.

We already informed our support team about this issue, but you can always contact them via this Link.

@vendy, thank you so much for your support.

A moment ago I sent an e-mail with an attachment (PDF file), which contains confirmation of the implementation of all comments submitted in the approval process.
Can you confirm to me that it was correctly received by

Hello @NETCAT,
We looked into our system again and there is no message from you. For communication with our support use this :arrow_right: Link, that redirects you to a form where you will add all the information that are needed to resolve the issue.

Thanks again for your help @vendy. I used the form you indicated so I hope that after 2 months of waiting our applications will finally be launched.