I am not receiving emails from Integromat/Make support

I am not receiving any emails when contacting Make/Integromat Support.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

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Yes. We contacted support a number of times on the 23rd of February. The only response we received was:

Original Message ---------
Subject: Re: Thanks for upgrading to Make!
From: “Katerina Simonova” k.simonova@make.com
Date: 2/24/22 12:59 pm

"My colleagues from the support team will be with you shortly. Thank you for your patience.


Trying to contact helpdesk@make.com and all that is sent is:

Pretty pointless sending a ticket through Make/Integromat and nothing actually goes through.

Are there alternatives to contact support?

Hi @Jarryd_Williams!

The way to get in touch with our support team is to open a ticket. The reasoning behind this is that when you file a ticket, we get all the necessary information about your organization which helps the Support team when inspecting the issue. That’s why when emailing helpdesk@make.com, you receive the automatic response pointing you towards the ticket form.

@Michaela I 100% understand this. But when I “create a ticket” within the organization, I am not receiving any receipt confirmation to my email. So I have no idea whether it has been received or not.

Also, there had been no response for 2-3 days, which concerned me.

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@Jarryd_Williams I see, thanks for the extra info! Very strange that you did not receive the confirmation after creating the ticket. Is it possible that it found its way to your spam folder? Anyway, we have located the ticket in the system; someone from the support team will be getting back to you with a reply shortly.

I also didn’t get any response (even an auto responder email) to my support ticket.
The make.com welcome email did end up in my Gmail spam but I’ve confirmed i haven’t got any further emails from you.

It turns out that there’s an issue with the automated confirmation message. This is something we’re heavily working on at the moment and it sure will be fixed soon. However, the submission form works without any problem. If you log a ticket, it still comes through to the support team without fail. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.

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