How Make helped us scale SEO traffic from 100K to 1M / mo in 15 months (with 1-person marketing team)

We use Make to publish blog posts on Webflow with data from Notion database to reduce time spent publishing blog posts from 3 hours to less than 30 minutes.

We’ve put a lot of effort into optimizing our processes to save time and Make is integral to this.

Essentially our tool stack is very simple:

  1. Notion database “content dashboard” (previously Google Sheets) we use for ideas, briefs, editing, and scheduling posts

  2. Make automation to push posts from that Notion database to Webflow and send me a notification on Slack to go publish. Here’s a link to a short video explaining how

  3. Semrush/Ahrefs to do keyword research for content briefs

Other early-stage startups with limited resources might find this article we wrote useful:

Scaling SEO from 100K to 1M in 15 months (with 1-person marketing team)

Let me know what you think!

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Heya @sakuk welcome to the community and thanks so much for sharing!

I am 100% positive that this guide will be incredibly helpful and/or inspirational to the community.
One-person marketing teams are, indeed, a concept known to many. And whenever there’s a way of making these solo marketers’ lives easier, it’s great to put it out there and spread the word.

Keep up the great work :clap:

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Hey @Michaela & thanks!

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