💡 How to automate blog posting with Make, Notion and Webflow

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Let’s dive into today’s story! Meet @sakuk who used Make, Notion, and Webflow to streamline the heck out of his company’s marketing processes.

:eyes: If you’ve ever been a part of an early-stage startup, or been a member of a one-person team with limited resources, then this story will probably bring back a few memories.

:rocket: Flowrite, an AI-powered communication and messaging tool, needed help streamlining the process of publishing their blog posts. And, because content creation is pretty much their bread and butter, it was a critical process for them to master. They had no shortage of great content to post to their blog, but only one (very busy) person to take that content from Notion and upload it to Webflow CMS for publication.

:brain: The solution? A custom Notion-Webflow automation, complete with Slack notifications and built-in timers to control the frequency of publishing and alert the editor whenever attention is needed.

:fire: Now, they can publish two blog posts in an hour instead of two per week - a total win for content marketing!

What problem were you trying to solve with your automation?

Automating blog post publishing from Notion to Webflow CMS.

Why did the problem exist?

Our priority is speed. Our marketing team consists of 1 person, and as an early-stage startup, we must be smart about how we use our time and resources. In order to publish content faster, we sought to automate all non-essential, manual steps.

How did you solve the problem? What does your solution look like?

First, connect Make with Notion and create a new automation. ‍

Link your Content dashboard database with Make through “Database ID” and set filters to only look for posts ready to be published (create a Notion property such as “Status”).‍‍


Then, you need a task that creates a new post on Webflow and pushes data from Notion properties to Webflow fields in your Blog post CMS collection.‍


Then you can set a notification (we use Slack) so you know when to go edit and publish posts.‍


Finally, set a timer to check the database for new posts ready to be published, and use a frequency of your liking (I prefer once a day).

the magnificent result

What did your solution achieve?

It helped us reduce time spent publishing content by 75% and simplified our workflow. This makes our content marketing operations significantly more productive, avoiding unnecessary task switching and micromanagement.

Saku, the wizard behind the automation

Helpful Resources

:make: Notion on Make
:make: Webflow on Make


Does this workflow support custom formatting (markdown/html?) and images in the blog post body?

Editing the body text of blog posts is the only manual part in the workflow, which takes around 15 minutes for us per post

We haven’t yet figured out a way to support custom formatting. It’s fastest for us to manually edit blog post text and add custom formatting while I proofread and double-check the texts

That would also apply to images in blog post body. Hopefully this gets easier at some point.