How many hours it takes to migrate data from Google Sheets to Monday Boards?

H everyone,

I’m planning to migrate data with make from Google Sheets to but I need to make it work on time so I need your opinion.

What I have and what I need is;

  1. I have 8 tables on Sheets and 8 boards on Monday, (I will migrate these tables to boards)
  2. I have at least 25 columns to migrate for each of these boards,
  3. I have 16 different kind of column types in total

In general, does the migration but there are spesific control needs of some fields of Monday

I need to make;

  • All of these fields needed to finded out first,
  • There might be formulas that needs to implemented to Monday
  • Some fields only needs empty checks,
  • Some fields needs parsing like phone numbers,
  • And phone numbers needs to match with country codes so there need to be a control for this which is not included in Sheets,
  • Lead owners for example needs to match with ids that is not in Sheets, spesific control also

And the list just goes on for different kind of column types and fields.

How many hours do you think would this job take?

Thank you!