How to create a new Monday board with .CSV from Google Drive Folder


I am trying to setup a scenario that has any .csv uploaded to the Google GDrive folder will create a new board in Monday and import all the data of the .csv.

I can get the board to be created Monday with the new file in GDrive folder, but the data is not importing.

What do I need to add?

Hi. Do you want to import the data to Monday? As attachment or as content in columns?

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Content in the columns.


Right. So parse the csv first. This way you can map the fields to the columns in Monday

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I was able to get that far but the data still doesn’t transfer.

Well, you need learn more how the data must be sent to Monday. You can’t only map the fields from CSV. Every column in Monday may have rule to field type and format. In this case, I can’t help you.

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