How send new contacts from Active Campaing to ManyChat

Hi there!

Well, I’m having truble everytime I try to send new contacts from Active Campaing list to another system.
This time is with ManyChat.
I saw it is possible the way around: Add a contect from ManyChat to a list in Active campaing. But, I need to do the oposit flow:
Everytime a new contact enters a list on Active it is also added in ManyChat.

Hope you guys can help me! Thanks


So I just spent some time looking at this for you. As of right now (7.7.2022) the MAKE modules don’t have the option to create a manychat subscriber.

You could however do something with HTTP requests.
Here is a good start with the information that you need.

learn a bit about HTTP REQUEST basic auth

  1. HTTP | Part 5: HTTP Authentication - YouTube
  2. How to connect a data API with Integromat - YouTube
  3. Many Chat → Create a subscriber endpoint: /fb/subscriber/createSubscriber
    ManyChat API
  4. How to do basica aut h with Many Chat. ManyChat API : ManyChat Help Portal

As for Active campaign, you should probably use WATCH automations associated with a contact.


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