How to add a comment on Bitrix24 Deal feed?


I not found an option to add a comment to Deal feed in Bitrix24.

I try to use Make an API Call but I dont know how indicate value. Need to send

“ENTITY_TYPE”: “deal”,
“COMMENT”: “New comment was added”
in this format not work

Error: Parameter ‘fields’ must be array.

Please help.

Make it a JSON structure and put it in the body field instead of the Query string.

Use Onlinejsoneditor. to format and validate your JSON.


Thank you very much. That solved my problem.

Could you please add screenshoot of your module config with JSON?

I tried every possible combination, solution from this topic was one of my first ideas to solve it- but it doesn’t work for me…

Update- for anyone struggling. Error says Bitrix24 expects array. Nope, simply JSON. Meh, bitrix gonna be bitrix.

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