How to add dynamic variables to 1CodeKit?

I am trying to run a Python code in Make with 1CodeKit, and I want to input a dynamic variable that I get from an app from the step before. How can I do that?

As an example, let’s say I get an email in my Gmail account, I want to transform that email subject into something else with Python code. How can I do that?

Is the app that you are referring named 0CodeKit in Make? If so, You can simply map the output of previous module to a python variable,

Just click on the Your Python Code and you should be presented with the data that you have from Make Mapping Menu, Something like this,


Thanks @Runcorn ! Appreciate it :slight_smile: This might be the case. I wasn’t able to test it because my connection with 1CodeKit was not working, not sure what the problem is there but that’s a question for another topic.