How to automatically forward new Gmail emails containing a specific word to another email address

I currently have multiple forms on my Webflow website that automatically get sent to me via email whenever a form is submitted.

Rather than manually forwarding the form submissions to the correct recipients, I found this scenario template on make that can automatically forwards new emails containing a specific word to another email address.

All I’m trying to do is have the filter read the form name inside the email but for some reason I can’t seem to figure it out. The email never gets forwarded.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the form email as well as all the settings and parameters within my scenario.

If someone can help identify where I’ve gone wrong and how to fix it, that would be much appreciated.

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 1.57.01 PM

Change the filter type from Text operators : Contains to Text operators : Contains(case insensitive).

By default, all comparison in Make is Case sensitive.

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I got it to work, thank you for your help!

I have a total of 7 different types of forms that each need to go to different recipients, do I need to setup separate scenarios for each form type or can I build it all under the same scenario?

You can use a single scenario if that is easier to maintain.

What you can do is after Watch Email Module Put in a Router Module afterward and then add 7 different paths and filter for each path based on the Form Name.

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Okay sounds good, thank you for all your help!

I have one last question, how do I keep the format of the email consistent when it gets forwarded to the recipients?

Here’s what the email looks like when it hits my inbox and this is what the email looks like once it gets forwarded.

Use HTML Body as part of the body instead of the plain body, there should be two mapping for them.

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Not sure what is your particular use case for this. Can you not use Gmail Forwarding in Gmail itself for this?

I get about 40-60 emails a day from the form submissions that I need forwarded to different people. Gmail only allows you to automatically forward emails to a single person, not groups of people. On top of that, certain forms need to go to different groups of people so I need to be able to segment recipients based on the form submitted.

So just to be clear, I need to remove the “text content” and replace it with “HTML content” in the content box correct?

Yeah, just replace that with HTML content.

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