🟣 How to Become an Automation Freelancer: The Definitive Guide

Hey Makers :wave:

Ever thought about automating things for a living? :thinking:

If becoming an automation freelancer is something you’re curious about, we’ve got one freshly hatched blog post for you!

Check it out and learn all about:

  • how much automation freelancers earn :money_with_wings:
  • where to find clients :male_detective:
  • how to come up with a value proposition :chart_with_upwards_trend:
  • how to build your portfolio :briefcase:

:arrow_forward: Blog post

Once you put all the tips to work and start offering your automation services to the folks out there, feel free to also do so in the Marketplace space of the community.

And if automation already is what makes your buck, why not tell us a bit about your experience in the comments below :blush:


Hey Michaela!

Awesome article! Curious if you have any insight into how makers are pricing and delivering automation as a service - where they build, host, and maintain automations for a monthly recurring fee?

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