How to calculate n-th day of week in month (and other spreadsheet date functions)

Good morning Makers! Having some challenges getting the n-th day of week in month example to work (Help Link). Hoping some of you have a collection of simple to use examples of date functions and solutions for common spreadsheet date functions that you are willing to share.


Hello @OckertCameron

or check DOW Tokens for date/time parsing Help Docs | Integromat Help Center

Thank you Sebastian.

Hoping someone has used the internal functions, do not have the financial resources for external services.


Heya @OckertCameron welcome to the community :wave:

Maybe this article could point you in the right direction: 🧠 [Tip] Schedule scenarios to run on the last day of the month.

Thanxs Michaela,

Below is the current Google Sheet formula i am trying to encode in Make.

$A2 = nThDayFlag
$B2 = day of the week in text
$C2 = start contract date

Delivery contracts can be specified for a customer as:

  1. Start of the Delivery Cycle (date);
  2. Customer receive frozen goods on the 2nd Tuesday of the month as of the Start Delivery cycle.


Hi @OckertCameron ,

Do you mean by “n-th day of week in month” something like “3rd Monday of May”? Or do you just want to know the day in the week? Like Monday?
Just double checking so I know what your expected outcome is.

Glenn - Callinetic

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Hi Glenn,

The “3rd Monday of the next month” is what I am trying to encode.

Some background - we operate a specialised frozen goods courier service in Gauteng province, South Africa. Several of our customers have repeat / subscription customers, that we deliver to on their behalf. We are automating reminders and scheduling of these repeat customers to help with out own planning and forecasting.


Hi Ockert,

I shared a showcase recently that may help. My purpose is very different so it would require some customization from you, but maybe you can glean some valuable information from my shared solution?

Hope this helps!

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