How to cancel my Make subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. However, the Customer Care team does not have the authority to cancel it on your behalf, and you need to go through the cancelation process.

Here is the step-by-step process of how to do it, it will take 1 minute at maximum.

  1. Go to Dashboard > Subscription > My plan.

  2. Click Cancel subscription.

  3. New dialog opens. Click Cancel subscription to cancel.

  4. We will send you a confirmation email.

What happens after cancelation?

We don’t charge you for the next month/year, but you can still use your current subscription until the end of your billing cycle. After that, we switch you to the Free plan (assuming that you are not the owner of another organization with the Free plan).

We don’t transfer your unused operations to that Free plan. You will have the standard Free subscription (i.e. 1,000 operations per month).

This applies to both monthly and annual subscriptions.