How to count the time difference between the start time and current time with Make?

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I am trying to find the difference between the exact start time of a Zoom event and the current time (i.e. now). I then want to send out Slack reminders for this Zoom meeting.
How do I postpone the scenario execution flow?

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This is how you can accomplish what youre looking to do:

:one: First, the Set Variable module will check what is the time difference between the now and start time times in seconds.

:two: The Repeater module will then create as many repeats as needed for the exact time delay.

:three: In case the delay is lower than 300 seconds it will trigger the Sleep module only once.

:four: The Array aggregator at the end of the scenario is there to ensure that only one data bundle continues in the flow.

Please note the maximum limit of the scenario execution is 45 minutes.