Slack Instant trigger taking time

Hi Makers, I have a scenario that looks like this,

and it’s all triggered by a Slack Instant webhook which triggers everytime a message is posted in a channel. It takes a good 15-20 seconds for it to move to the next step. Until then, it just looks like it’s processing the webhook.

Can anything be done to improve the performance of the first step? Is the scnenario too heavy?
Any alternatives to slack I can use? This is just a personal productivity AI assistant, so I can change the front end if required.

Have you tried creating a scenario with just the Slack instant trigger/webhook to see if it processes it faster? If it does then it is possible that the scenario size has an impact and the only way to check would be to start to break it up into subscenarios which can be executed via Make Run a Scenario module in the Make app and scenario inputs for each sub scenario. There are docs on this in the Make help docs.

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Looks like it’s the size of the scenario. I am on a Core plan, so I’m guessing I have to live with it.