How to extract information from E-mail in the items "text content"

Hello, I have a problem. I can’t find the right function for extract a word in E-mail to the app “hubspot”.
I just want the formula to use.

I want the word between two words.

Exemple text : This red house is very beautiful

I would like to extract the word “red” between “This” “and” “house”

I tried with the function “get” but I did not succeed

I will wait for your answers, thank you :slight_smile: !!!

I recommend you should use the Regex code and the Text Parser module to match the pattern to get the desire text or the pattern.

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I agree, You must use a regex like this:


  • This - matches the word “This”.
  • \s+ - matches one or more whitespace characters.
  • (\w+) - matches one or more alphanumeric characters (letters or digits) and puts them in a capture group.
  • \s+ - matches one or more whitespace characters.
  • house - matches the word “house”.

Thanks, Helio!
If you have questions reach out :wink:

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