How to extract Name, phone number and location(optional) from this email

Hey, I want to extract the first name, last name, email, and phone number from the email in the screenshot. (if possible, the location in there)

I know how to extract the email address (using a regex pattern) but don’t know how to do the rest, can anyone please help me.

Hey @Fahad_Sheji,

There is an HTML table extract module available in make, you can do it using that module easily. It can also be done with regex, but that would be the hard way.

For regex you can follow this thread: Simple parser/regex question - Questions & Answers - Make Community

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And this uber-thread on best-practices with regular expressions

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Thank’s for letting me know.
I am not a programmer and a newbie to Make, so I don’t know how to do both of them lol.

Could you show me how to do anyone so I can extract that info.

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Thanks for that, is there a cost to it? also am a freelancer so it will be just me.

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