How to Get an Image and Create a "Public" URL like an Image Address?


I have been burning my neurons trying to find a way to create an automation that creates an image address.

I have a bunch of temporary image addresses that I’m downloading using the HTTP module and uploading to Dropbox/Google Drive with the intention to create a new public permanent image address. In fact, I really don’t need to save these images but this is the way I found trying to achieve my goal.

Does anyone know if there is an action/module/another cloud service that I could use to transform those temporary image addresses into permanent public image addresses?

Thank you so much!

Ditto! Same problem.

Dear, in order to have a permanent public url address you need the image stored in somewhere in the web like Google Drive, Dropbox or any other web server that accepts GET requests.

If you need additional support, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Hi Jamison - welcome to the community.

You need to ensure you are accessing the image directly and not within the Dropbox PREVIEW (which is the default).

A share link to a file will open the Dropbox preview page. You need to change the ?dl=0 at the end of the link to ?raw=1. You can test it by pasting the URL into an incognito/private For info, not all platforms will accept such links because they’re expecting a URL that ends in a valid image extension (jpg, gif, png, etc.).

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Thanks! i test this manually and works. Playing around with text parser to try replacing ?dl=0 with ?raw=1, but no luck.

I’m a no-code user and not sure how to code this properly. Is there a module that works to change a url?

Input: file (5).png

Thanks in advance!

hi, is there a way to download an image from a url to get the .jpeg file ?