How to get correct conversation from "Get Tickets" Freshdesk-Module

I am setting up an automation to create notes in Pipedrive based on notes left on a Freshdesk Ticket. I got almost everything working but now my last problem is that instead of using the latest note from the ticket, the automation uses the first one.

Screenshot 2024-02-07 143944
Here you can see an example of a ticket input bundle with multiple conversations (=notes left in freshdesk).

Screenshot 2024-02-07 143923
This is the field I am using and it looks like I can input the number of the note I want to be used.
Instead of inputting a number I’d like it to automatically use the newest conversation (=highest number).

I feel like I am missing something obvious, can anyone help me with this?

Try wrapping it with the built-in function last.


{{ last(15.conversations) }}

Oops, you can’t do that because you also want to get the body text in the same field.

So you’ll have to use map and last:


{{ last(map(15.conversations; "body_text")) }}