How to get multiple values in the Get Multiple Values module?

I have two Set Multiple Variables where each stores two outputs. In total, I have four outputs I want to use in the Get Multiple Values later on. (image 1).

The problem is the Get Multiple Values only receives one of the outputs from the Set Multiple Values. (image 3)

How can I get all of the values in the Get Multiple Values? In the example below, my Set Multiple Values results in two values for ad - feed, but the Get Multiple Values only receives one.

Hey @alexandr.e

When utilizing the “Set Multiple Variable” module, ensure distinct names for each variable. Later, in the “Get Multiple Variable” module, employ the same set of variable names to retrieve corresponding data efficiently.

Screenshot 2024-01-31 001921


Thanks for the reply, @Sakshi_agr12. Even with different names, it is not working.

The Set Multiple Variables gets the values (they are mapped) from the Text Parser module. (image 1)

The Get Multiple Variables receives the same value from the Set Multiple Variables, regardless of the name. (image 3)

Hey @alexandr.e
Can you please share the blueprint of your scenario ?


This is happening because your text parser outputs multiple bundles for every search result it finds. As a result your set multiple variable overwrites the variable you set from the first operation, when it processes the second operation.

Instead why not aggreate to your text parser 2 bundles to an array and then use the map() function to access each value out of the aggregated array inside the set multiple variable module. This set multiple variables module will now will just execute with one operation (rather than 2).


Hi @alex.newpath, thanks for the reply.

I am still struggling with this problem. I have already tried Set Multiple, Get Multiple, Set Variable, Get Variable, Array Aggregator, and Text Aggregator, but it is not working.

I do not think I got the logic behind it yet, or the problem is in the following HTTP module. I don’t know :confounded:

Can you please explain your suggestion?

After the Text Parser, I will set an Array Aggregator and then what do I need to do? I have two fields to map and am not sure how to do it because the “fields” I need to map are in the Request Content of an HTTP POST request.

I will upload a blueprint as soon as possible to clarify my question. There is data from my client in the scenario and many HTTP modules with POST requests to the Facebook API.

Can I hide this info in the blueprint?

Yes you can replace sensitive info with empty strings, taking care not to make the JSON invalid.