Set multiple variable

Hi guys,

I have a problem with the “set multiple variable” module. I would like to take the answers of a Calendly on a “questions and answers” array and transform them into variables, except that the “set multiple variables” module can’t take the information of the different collections … (see the attachments)

I put a “get” function to take the position and the answer but it doesn’t work …

Any idea ?



Hi @Ricardo,

You need a set-up like this:

Also keep in mind that if the user can skip a question in your Calendly form your answer position will change in your array. You may want to map by variable name/key if that is the case

This page has useful examples: Mapping Help Docs | Integromat Help Center

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I would also recommend an iterate & aggregate step to build your questions and answers dynamically

Could you elaborate a bit oin what you mean? Thanks!

Here is a simple solution from: Mapping