How to get unique data based on Google Sheets data


I’m creating an automation that collects some data and add it into Google Sheets, but every time I run the scenario some data that I already was added into Google Sheets are add again.

Is there some way that create a module that checks a couple of row/values already exists before the scenario add data into Google Sheets?

A1 = 07/19/22
B1 =
C1 = 4:12pm

When I run the scenario I will get those 3 infos above, but I want to check first if already exists a row with value A1 = 07/19/22 and C1 = 4:12pm. In this case any data should be added into Google Sheets, even if B1 is different. New data should be added just if A1 = 07/19/22 and C1 = 4:13pm (in this case C1 is different, so a new row should be added A2 = 07/19/22, B2 = and C2 = 4:13pm).

Many thanks!!

Hey @Alexandre
Yes, that’s doable. For that you need to use Google Sheet’s Search Rows action


Thank you so much for your help.

I don’t know if I got something wrong, but I tried your solution and the scenario is still running/adding data that already are in Google Sheets.

Maybe, Did I include Google Sheet’s Search Rows action in the wrong place?


Google Sheet’s Search Row action:

I used the “Equal to” from Datetime operators section in both cases.

Google Sheet’s Add Row action:

Data in Google Sheets:

The data of the first 3 lines are from when I ran the scenario for the first time and the last ones from the second time I ran the scenario. In this case, the data should’t be added.

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Heyy @Alexandre I play a lot with social media automation so if you don’t mind i might help at no cost with a live google meet call if you agree.

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Hey, Prem!

Thank you so much for your availability. Unfortunately, English isn’t my native language. I’m from Brazil and I’m much better reading/writing than listening/speaking. Probably I won’t get half of your explanation through Google Meet call hahaha

Is there any other way you could help me? Many thanks!!

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Not an issue. So what if match is found? Are you going to change the URL in column C? Also to stop the mached rows adding agin you can filter them out with a filter and between searchand add a row.

hi @Alexandre,

it seems like you don’t have a filter after your “Search Rows” Module?

You would have to add the filter “Total Number of Bundes” = 0. This way you are saying “only pass scenarios where the SearchRows Module does not find any Row” == no duplicates.

Attached some screenshots.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-24 um 19.26.04


Thank you so much! It worked!


This Equal To comes from Text Operator?