How to make a scenario pause execution until a specific data & time?

I’m trying to get a social media calendar and workflow to schedule posts from within Monday. I am able to accomplish most of this through Make using the Monday and Buffer integrations + some GraphQL queries. However, Make does not support passing a video URL to Buffer (which it really should, but that is another issue).

So instead I am trying to publish directly to Instagram using the Instagram For Business integration. I have it set up and publishing correctly. The problem is, Make’s Instagram For Business integration does not support Meta Business Suite’s scheduling functionality (which it really should, but that’s another issue). So as a result, I’m only able to publish the video post to Instagram immediately, not at a specific time.

My question is: How do I get Make to only pass the info to the Instagram For Business integration at a specific date and time, as set in a column in my Monday board?

(Or, alternatively: How do I get Make to store the necessary data somewhere else to then be executed at a specific date & time, as set in a column in my Monday board?

Or even: How do I get Monday to only send the webhook data to Make at the set time if the file in a file column is a video?)

Thanks in advance.

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Have another scenario watch new items and schedule a Cron Job webhook callback using apps like 0CodeKit that allows you to schedule a “callback” to a “Custom Webhook” trigger in another scenario.


You can use an external module to schedule a webhook callback to your secondary scenario at the exact time for each item,



Thanks for this @samliew! This looks like it’ll work for me.

It’ll probably take me some time to configure and test it out, but I’ll report back whether it works or not.

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