How to monitor Google Drive folder for EVERY file-type


I want to monitor a Google Drive Folder.

Every time a file is uploaded or created in the folder I want so send a message in Slack. It´s working, but only with native Google Files (like Google Sheet)

There is the Module “Google Drive - Watch all files”. But it triggers only on native Google Files but not for example when I upload a PNG, MP4 File.


  1. How can I monitor a Folder for every file-type
  2. When a user upload 100 png-files, it should not trigger 100 times and write 100 messages in Slack.

Any Idea?

Thank you much.

Hi. You can try using the Search files module instead of Watch and filter. It’s possible that it will work better.

Thanks, Helio!
If you have questions reach out :wink:

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