Watching files to be dropped into google drive for a team

I want to create an automation for my team.

We are a marketing agency and we have clients that have to add files all the time so we want an automation to know when a client uploaded files.

But we are looking after a trigger that does:

Give a notification (message in asana in a certain channel/project)
every time something gets modified or added in our google drive.

But it can’t give 100 notifications when a client drops 100 pictures in a drive, then it should just give one notification.

Does anyone know if there is a way to do this?

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Hello @Apache_Truyts sir, May be You can watch for folder updates/changes.

Hey Prem,

Thanks for your reply.

So you suggest i use this one?

but this means it will trigger every change that’s made so 100 pictures will give 100 mentions and 100 automations?

Yes… You can test with with it

Alternatively, you might “check the number of files” every hour or so. This way you only get one notification, only in pre-determined intervals but it’s not 100…