How to pass or retrieve data from a different scenario


I have 2 scenario runs like this.

  • Based on the change in Airtable (Data URL Table), scenario is going to execute the Browser.AI bot to scrape some data.

  • Since Browser AI returns empty data set, without waiting to complete the process. I have have to create the 2nd Scenario to extract the data when Browser.AI completed the extraction. I have already created a topic around issue in Browser.AI (Browser.AI data extracting)

  • On 2nd Scenario I’m updating extracted data in to a different Table in AirTable (Data Extraction Table).

  • With this I want to update the Status of Previous AirTable (Data URL Table) with

Now My problem, is How do I get the (Data URL Table) ID from 1st Scenario to 2nd Scenrio in-order to update the Table

Scenario 01

Scenario 02

Thank you

Hello @Niranga_Jayakody,

In Scenario 1:
When you Run a Task in Browse AI, it will immediately return a task id.
You can store that task id along with the ID of the record in Data URL Table in either Data Store or another table in Airtable.

In Scenario 2:
In Browse AI - Watch Task Execution Finished, if it returns the task id, just use that to look up the Airtable ID that you stored from the first scenario.

Do I have this right, or is something missing?