How to prevent duplicate calendar events?

Hello, I am new to the Make community. Is there a way to prevent duplicate calendar events from being created daily? Specifically, from Eventbrite to Apple iOS calendar? Every time the scenario runs, a duplicate calendar event is made. Any ideas?

Hello @Rusa,
I don’t know how your scenario looks, or how Eventbrite module works, but generally, you will need a database (or Datastore) to keep track of Eventbrite’s unique event ID, and an indication that the event was added to iOS calendar.

Next time you see an event come through, check the event’s ID in the database to see if you’ve added it already to iOS calendar. If so, ignore the event. If not, add it. The trick is figuring out if the event’s details changed such that it’s necessary to update the event in iOS calendar.

Unfortunately, Apple makes integration with calendar’s pretty difficult, and Make’s app can only do so much…

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Hello @Donald_Mitchell ,

Thanks for your reply. With your advice, I have set up the scenario as follows and the Event ID gets stored, but I do not see how to stop when checking the database on the next run. I have put the Event ID as key, but the scenario completes, seemingly because it checks if the ID exists, rather than if it does not exist. How do I invert this check?

EDIT: I figured it out using a filter (the little wrench icon). Appreciate your help!

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Awesome, glad to hear you made something work!

I have been working with iOS calendar recently and the problem I ran into is that when an event is created in iOS via Make, it does not return a specific event ID so I can’t modify or delete it later.