How to provide own value when there is an empty value return

I want to be able to provide my own value (NN) when the previous scenario step return and empty value.

So far I’ve tried
{{ifempty(1.subscriber.gender; “NN”)}}
{{ifempty(1.subscriber.gender; “{”“value”“:“NN”}”)}}

Hello @PIpelian,

The ifempty() function is the correct to use in this situation.

Perhaps if you share some screenshots and/or the blueprint of your scenario, we could better assist in identifying and correcting the issue.


Hi Donald
I attached a screenshot of my scenario and another of the module with the error, I have changed the ‘ifempty’ syntax to the following: {{ifempty(; NN)}}, what I want to accomplish with this is if the previous module(Manychat) does not provide a name of the lead then I “NN” should be the assigned value. On another note (see number 2 on the pic) I would like that if the Gender is not specified the a NULL or empty value should be assigned. Please let me know if there is additional info I need to provide, really appreciate it.

Thanks for your reply

This should work




Thanks Sam, on this particular field I need an empty value no NN, what should be the new syntax?




Hi Samuel

I went ahead and used your suggestion on all fields that can use the same solution but I’m getting some errors, please see attached.

What am I doing wrong?

Instead of {{ignore}}, you can also try {{emptystring}} or even {{null}}. We don’t quite have enough information to help you out much further.


Welcome to the Make community! If you require more assistance on this issue, we kindly request more information about what you’re trying to achieve.

1. Screenshots of module fields and filters

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2. Scenario blueprint

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blueprint.json (12.3 KB)

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Hi Samliew

Thanks for you reply,

I attached the blueprint, input and output information as you suggested.

The whole goal of my scenario is to create a contact into my CRM(Kommo) with information provided by Manychat.

Sometimes Manychat provides only the phone number of the person and this is when my scenario breaks as it is set up yo expect in full the following information: Name, Timezone, & Genre. I need to be able to generate a contact in my CRM even if I only have the phone number, for this purpose I would like to have Make to do the following: For an empty ‘Name’ to use the word ‘NN’ instead, as per the other 2 fields (Timezone & Genre) to enter both of them as ‘NULL’ or ‘EMPTY’. Kindly review my attached information for your suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

blueprint.json (61.2 KB)
output_bundles.pdf (28.3 KB)
input_bundles.pdf (61.9 KB)