How to replace item in Notion "multi select" field

Hello, I have such a problem that I cannot replace the status in the column.

For example: I have 3 statuses Done, In process, Pending
I need to make the status, In process, change to Done, but at the same time, if there is Pending in the field, then so that it remains there.

Now I found a way to add status, but unfortunately it does not change the status “in process” to “done”, but only adds in filed.
I tried using the remove function, but then the script does not work.

I will be grateful for your help.

Hello @Sviatoslav_M,
It sounds like you would like to:

  1. Update the status from “In process” to “Done” (i.e., replacing the value)
  2. Keep the status “Pending” if it’s already there

Do I understand correctly? If yes, here’s the formula you could use* in the “MAIN Stage” property in Make (the one in the screenshot):
if({{1.properties_value.‘MAIN Stage:Name’}}{{=}}In process{{or}}Done{{;}}Done{{;}}{{1.properties_value.‘MAIN Stage:Name’}})

*you’d need to map the name of the MAIN Stage array properly

Otherwise, let me know more details and/or what I am getting wrong

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Hello, thanks for the reply. I try to done by your instruction, but, this formula clear all stages and add DONE but, “Pending” status is also cleared

Alright, how about this?

{{if(contains(map(1.properties_value.MAIN Stage; “name”); “Pending” & “in process”); add(remove(map(1.properties_value.MAIN Stage; “name”); “in process”); “DONE”); map(1.properties_value.MAIN Stage; “name”))}}


WOW! Thanks a lot, works!

We can remove from 1st line - “Pending” & (work great!)

final code:

{{if(contains(map(1.properties_value.MAIN Stage ; “name”); “in process”); add(remove(map(1.properties_value.MAIN Stage ; “name”); “in process”); “DONE”); map(1.properties_value.MAIN Stage ; “name”))}}

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