How to retrieve and attach files from different folders in Google drive and send them in one e-mail?


i want to ask for help, because i don´t know how to manage it and did not find any solution in Q&A section.

I have a two separate folders in Google drive. I need to download the files from these independent folders and attach them in E-mail module to be sent out just in one email.
I am able to attach files either from A or B folder. Better to say, it works if there is only one array in attachment field (E-mail module)- either 31.array, or 27.array. When i try to combine and attach these files from two sources, it produces error “Array of objects expected in parameter ‘attachments’”. Please see the printscreen. I would appreciate any hint how to modify/streamline the scenario to achieve the result. Or is it better way how to design scenario?
Thanks a lot, Jay

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You can use the built-in function merge to join two arrays.


Thank you so much! As a novice i thought more complex way and tried to merge via inserting another stand-alone module. I haven´t tried the easiest way. I attach a print screen to vizualise the solution.

Thank you.

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