How to save scenario with error?!

Hi there, I have a scenario where I am working on, testing things etc.

Sometimes I just want to the current state and work on it in two days again.

How can I do this? I just want to save it, with all errors.

Btw: This also happens when I got a blueprint from someone. I import the blueprint and just want to save it for later. This either does not work.

Is there a workaround?


Hello @yefpie nice to meet you.

Usually when you import a blueprint from an organization to another, you need to re-establish the connections and only after that you can save the scenario.

Regarding the first question where you have built the scenario, and you can not save it, I have to ask you for more information and some screenshots with the message from when you try to save the scenario.

Usually, if you get errors in the scenario when you try to save it, a pop-up window appears with the reason and a button to Save anyway.


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