🤖 How do I back up my scenarios on Make?

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I’m wondering if there is a way or 3rd party service available to backup our scenarios?

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You can always back up your scenarios by saving a blueprint. There’s an option to save the blueprints manually or to create a simple Make scenario that can save the blueprints for you.

Manually exporting/importing your blueprints

  • click the three dots at the bottom of the editor
  • export the blueprint to your computer
  • import the json file to the Make builder to further work with the scenario

Building the scenario to automatically save blueprints

  1. List all the scenarios you have:

  1. Map the Scenario ID and choose a blueprint format you like:

  1. Upload the blueprints:


Is it possible to edit the JSON before import, e.g. to add templated steps or to batch update text?
Is the JSON suitable for versioning as is (e.g. is order stable)?


Check this out…

Return a “JSON String” instead.

Find the text you’d like to change.

Add a “Text parser” module.

Now you can match and change what’s in the JSON file ready for export!

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How would your replace a bunch of values instead of just one 1, text-parser replace only 1 value to change?

I am doing this scenario. The contents of the files are all “null”. Any idea how to fix this?

Post some screenshots and more details so we can help!

Here’s a step by step video showing how to set this up.