How to Schedule my automation 5 times a day at different times

Hey Maker community,

Currently I have set up a Notion → Telegram automation where it fetches the message to post on Telegram from a Notion property on the database checking for ‘Scheduled’ status property and the ‘date’ property. The automation works fine.

Now I want to schedule posting on my telegram channel 5 times a day (10 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, 7pm & 9pm)

How do I set this in scheduler ?

The default ‘Post at regular intervals’ shows me 2 options at the same time which is what is confusing.

  1. The ‘minutes box’ which will run after x minutes every time throughout the day. ( I dont want this as I want to post only 5 times a day, I dont want make to check on times I don’t want to post)

  2. The advanced scheduling- This gives me time slots but when I enter in this, the Minutes box does not hide.

So make is going to check after X min or the the time slots I give ?

I just want Make to check notion database 5 times a day. ( I do not want to waste my operations)

Any Help is appreciated. Thanks.

Schedule it often but check with a filter whether it fits your five times per day criteria. There’s no other way other than use logic in a filter to stop it from running.

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So it is going to check and run throughout the day ?

What does Item 1 , Item 2 and so on mean in advanced scheduling ?

It will run say every hour but your first filter will check on the logic to when you want to actually continue as per your desired timing pattern.