How to send a Stripe customer in a specific group in Mailerlite depending the product bought

Hello all,

I sell digital products on my website. I use Stripe for accepting payments.

I want to create a scenario which enable me to :
Detect the payment of a specific product on Stripe > send the customer data (name, last name and email) to a specific group on Mailerlite.

I tried several combinaisons but it’s the first time I use Make so I’m not very good with the different properties.

What is the simpliest way to implement this please ?

Thank you by advance for your help !

watch for payments , then get customer , as you have the customer ID coming from payment step , ad then add to Mailerlite group


Thank you for your response @CodexSolutions.

So I have to select “Payout > Payout paid” in the first step ?

What property can I use in “Customer ID” ? I have selected “Object:ID” but it doesn’t work.

can you share what you see , ? it should be the customer id that comes in data object