How to send a webhook?

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I have a scenario that watched for when a new member joins When they do, the second step is sending a private message through Circle. The last step is I would like to send a message back to Wordpress (Fluent CRM) to tag the person so I know they have joined the community.

I was wondering if I can do this through a webhook? When I select webhook it seems like it can only receive webhooks not send them, but I don’t quite understand this. :slight_smile:

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Hi. Webhooks must be used to receive the data from a datasource as a trigger. In Make, to send (POST) a data to an url endpoint do you have use a HTTP Request module.

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Thanks so much! :slight_smile: I selected HTTP but it doesn’t actually give me a URL or anything:

HI Kyle - you’re nearly there. The URL field is basically asking “where do i send the information to”. so you need to create a webhook (and scenario) that will receive the info, then copy the address from the webhook and that’s the URL you use in the URL field of the HTTP module. Hope that helps.