How to send an image to a group in groupme?

I know to send an image through groupme, I need to upload the image to groupme’s image service so I can display it properly. But if I’m being honest, I can’t figure this out. Any and all examples are shown using python bots, but it’s hard for me to visualize what code goes where in regards to Make’s UI.
I was using the GroupMe “Make an API Call” scenario, but I dont know what to really fill in where. I already have my image link, my link just isn’t from groupme’s image service (it’s from a google calendar attachment, usually a picture from google drive).

Heya @Jouher_Automator :wave:

Since this is a peer-to-peer community, the primary way of solving issues and helping one another out is in this public space that we have. Let’s try to give one another a free helping hand and collectively benefit from extending our shared knowledge. The place to offer your paid automation/consultation services would be the Marketplace category.

Thanks for understanding!

As i said earlier, I have deleted this too. My mistake only. Not sure, what went wrong. I did not intent to post here exactly

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