How to send images via Telegram to Discord

Hi all, relatively new to Make.

I run a big sporting discord community, and i get my listings from Telegram, they come in the form of a photo.

I have setup my scenario to recieve text from Telegram to Discord, however when i send a photo to my Telegram Channel and then subsequently check discord to see if the image has pulled through, it simply states


Attached photo

EDIT: I should also note i have tried all the content mapping, i.e Attachments, documents/images and Photos.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @Daniel_Ward,

Can you please share how your scenario looks like and also the mapping that you are using on Discord Module to upload/forward the images?

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Hi @Runcorn is this what you required. Thanks

That helps, what is the name of discord module that you are using? Is it send a message?

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To post a message.

Thanks for taking the time to help me out so far