How to specify to only take a specific bundle

Hey, I am extracting a table from email using mailhook.

When I do that, I get 4 bundles, 2nd bundle is what I want.

How can I specify to a module to only take the data from 2nd bundle

4 bundles of output come out when I test the scenario and I don’t know how to only take the 2nd bundle of output

Hi @Fahad_Sheji

You can set an increment function to count which bundle it is then use filter to only allow 2nd bundle:

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Using the increment function is one way! :slight_smile:

Other ways depend on your workflow. Are there always going to be exactly four bundles? Is it always going to be the second bundle? Do you know if there is a specific “keyword” only in the second bundle?

If you can answer (one of) these questions, you could use the filter after your text-parser Module and thus save on operations :slight_smile:

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Yeah its always gonna be the 2nd module, so I should just use the increment function and make it equal to “2”?