How to update google sheet when an invitee accepts your google calendar invite?


I would like to do the following automation: for all google calendar event invites I send (that will belong to a separate google calendar folder), I want to trigger the automation when the invitees react to the invite (so click Yes, Maybe, or No), and capture their response. I would then like to put their data in a separate spreadsheet, where I am tracking event joiners.

Is there a way to do this?

Thanks in advance!


It seems that the 2 first steps of this template may help you.
It is not exactly what you’re looking for, but it looks promising.



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Hi @Philippe_Billet , thanks for this! Unfortunately, this only sends new events to google sheets, but I actually need the responder’s information … :frowning:

Which module do you use to send your invite?

When you receive the answer, you certainly have all the information you need, no?
Could you add a screenshot of the output bundle of this module?

Hi @OptimAIzeLabs
do you get any email or notification somwhere when they invitees react to the invite (so click Yes, Maybe, or No) ?

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Yes I do, but I was hoping I could use something else as well (since getting all those emails in the inbox is a bit inconvenient since the automation is for event organiser so their inbox will get full.

But for now, I indeed trigger it whenever an email arrives with an attendee confirming/declining the invitation, and use google filter to immediately reroute it to a specific folder, which will then be cleaned every once in a while.