How to upload video files with a form and Google Drive?

Hi all,

want to build a new automation.

The idea is, that customers go to a form (maybe jotform or something) then enter their mail address and name. Then they should be able to select a video from their local folder and upload it via the form. the file should be uploaded to google drive.

Do you have any idea how to do that or any proven solution?

Thank you much

My guess is that you file data are stored in an array from your form platform.

Hence your need to check which field to need to pick up in order to retreive the file url.
After that, just a Get file module and an upload Gdrive module.

In this screenshot, I retreive 2 uploaded files from Tally. The detailed box hides another iterator to grab the url one by one.

Hope that helps


Right now I am more in the conception of a solution. So find the best plattform for the form, looking for platforms like weTransfer an so on the prototype a good solution. Any idea on that?