Upload files from tally form to google drive to new folder

Hello, I’m a new user on make.com. I’m still learning how to use the system. At work, I was assigned a task to create a form in Tally where users can submit files. The files should be saved on Google Drive in a new folder with a name that corresponds to the user’s last name entered in the form. In the image, I’ve shown a simplified version of such a form, with several fields for sending messages. Not all fields are mandatory, so some may appear as empty in Tally.

I’ve tried various approaches (but I deleted them and don’t have a screenshot). The closest to the desired outcome was a scenario where I used an aggregator, iterator, conversion to JSON, a parser to extract the URL, HTTP Get, and Google Drive upload file. However, the files from the form were not appearing on the drive, only JSON files with error information.

In summary, data is coming in from Tally, and the form may have multiple fields for submitting several files at once (some of which may be empty). The files, each with their respective names, should be sent to Google Drive and stored in a folder named after the user’s last name.

I’ve been working on this for a few days now and I’m struggling to figure it out. I would greatly appreciate your assistance.


Hello :blob_wave:,

Generally, your scenario could look as in the pictures below.

A Google Drive folder would be created right after processing the Tally webhook data and all the attached files would be then processed in 3 routes (one route for one Tally attachment field).

The iterator module would iterate all the files from the specific attachment field and the “HTTP - Get a file” module would download every file in the specific field.

Downloaded data would then be used for the “Google Drive - Upload a File” module with the ID of the folder created in the second step.

All the files should then be uploaded into the newly created folder.

I hope it makes sense.

Cheerio :cat_roomba: