Http status code 204

I get a message “status code: 204” with the module http get request. In the input my video is included. But the output is missing my video. Do you guys know how I can solve this problem?

blueprint-2:.json (61.8 KB)

Well, if you’re uploading a video, it doesn’t make sense for the server to upload it back to you.

HTTP Status 204 is not an error. It just means the request was successful with empty response body as nothing needs to be returned.

There is no error message, as seen from your screenshots.


Hey samliew, thank you for the clear explanation. I am getting an error message notification from Pinterest. So this error message is not because 204 notification is pushed?

You’ll need to refer to the Pinterest developer documentation for the upload route you are calling using the HTTP module, to ensure you are mapping the video upload fields correctly.