Hubspot deals + associated company + associated contact on vtiger

I am trying to create and update in vtiger in a specific object:

  • a deal
  • associated company record(s) (if exist)
  • associated contact record(s) (if exist)

from hubspot.

how could I proceed?

You proceed by building a scenario with the first being hubspot reading the data you want and putting it into vtiger.

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Thanks for your reply, but I prefer to solve myself.

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And yet you’re asking us to solve it for you. Start by building something and then post here when you’re ready to get some specific help.

Sure. as you can see the pic,
I am starting from hubspot deal, but i would create multiple associated records on vtiger (deals, associated company and associated contacts).

the problem is that in hubspot i am starting with only the object “deal”…

That’s how their module works unfortunately. You’ll probably need to build one scenario for every object you wish to monitor.

Ok. And then how to link togheter?
Deal with:

  • associated company (if exist)
  • associated conatc (if exist)

Webhooks calling each scenario from the other.

Filters to check when to call it.

I am trying to do this

@Espe if you are starting with a deal, and want to get the associated line items, use the List Associations for a CRM Object module, if you need the company contacts, you can use the List Contacts of a Company module.
Let me know if you get stuck, it’s possible to do it yourself with help :wink: . You’ll save time doing it yourself and you’ll learn more faster.

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