Hubspot deals to Notion


I would like to retrieve some deals from a specific pipeline from Hubspot and send it to a Notion database. I need to get a few properties to file the DB item properly.

My issue
I succeed in retrieving all property deals with the module watch deals but when it comes to the deal owner, I can only get the Hubspot owner ID, not the name. So I’ve chosen to use the OAuth HTTP method to retrieve the strings (Hubspot owner id). But I keep having a 401 error.

The cUrl has been tested in Postman and the response is ok.

How can I retrieve all strings so they can be implemented properly into Notion?

Set up

  • Module 1: Watch deals
  • Filter: a given pipeline
  • Module 2: HTTP OAuth 2.0 (failed to retrieve data from there)


Hi there!

Since the Hubspot API throws only the ID of that specific deal, try to use the switch() function instead:

Logic is that let’s say, IF the mapped owner ID is 15778480805 then use the “ABC name”, else, if the ID is 57262674, use “DEF name” and so on…

I hope this helps!