<> HubSpot integration: update an item's column value

Creating the scenario in which you want to update the Deal Stage in HubSpot when changing the status of a column on

Scenario description

Step 1 Set Monday as “Watch board’s column values”:

Step 2 Configure a Tool that gets only the required data:

    • Deal Stage
    • Deal Name
    • (Here it would be ideal to find the {dealID})
      Data obtained

Step 3 Set HubSpot as “Get a record property”:

    • Record Type: Map
    • Select a type of record: Deal

Step 4 Set HubSpot as “Update a Deal”

    • Deal ID: Press name
    • View Method: Compact

In the end, the problem is that there is no part of the process that allows obtaining the HubSpot dealID, which is why I have not found a way to associate items ( and deals (HubSpot)
How the scenario looks

Use Search for Deals module, the ID is within the response there. I’d maybe consider limiting results to 1 if that’s an option, or an iterator and filter to narrow down the deal to the one you want if there were more than 1 returned.

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