Hubspot Idea? Error 409 Contact already exists

Hi guys, I’d like to solve an frequently error in a scenario.
My scenario is: WebForm > WebHook > (HubSpot) Create Contact > (Hubspot) Create Deal but if I receive an email twice my scenario fail:

> Error
> [409] Contact already exists. Error Messages: [A contact with email [] already exists.]

I need to find a way to continues the scenario (Create the Deal into the Hubspot) regardless of whether contact previously exists.

¿Any idea or solution?

Many Thanx

Search for contact first and proceed accordingly

Hi @emilianoenmake,

Ideally, you want you webhook to be followed by a Hubspot “Get a record” module, where you can query Hubspot with the email address.

From there, make 2 ‘routes’ in the scenario. One where the contact already exists (in which you can create the deal and associate that contact.
The other route, will be where you contact does not exist yet (Hubspot will return a 404 error :).

From there you can then create the contact, and assign it in your deal.

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Thanx so much, it’s a great idea.