Create a flow that tracks duplicates in Hubspot using phone number upon import of contacts

I want to create a flow that returns a report on each Hubspot import that tracks duplicates based on the phone number.

Hi @Bashar ,

How are you importing the contacts into Hubspot? Because from what I know you cannot create duplicate contacts with the same email address

Hi, I would like to de-duplicate using phone numbers. I import numbers to HubSpot as an excel file. However, I would like to find if there are any new duplicates formed when I do the import (between imported contacts and contacts already existing in HubSpot). For example, when I upload an excel file where a contact has 0000 as his phone number, I want the automation flow to detect that a contact with 0000 as its phone number already exists.
Also, when importing contacts with an email address that already exists, HubSpot automatically updates the contacts, without telling which contacts where updated. Thus, making it difficult to track updated contacts.